We plant in clients current containers and window boxes while replenish with high quality season flowers to maximize your investment.  We also offer varied size containers, hanging baskets, wall planters and window boxes for purchase. 

Container Gardening Design Services

If current plants need help here is a great resource from University of Minnesota Arboretum: 


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Divine Containers offers beautiful container combinations of unique flowers and plants designed specifically for each client.  The goal is to provide you with a perfect design for your space that will enhance the beauty, seasonal enjoyment and intrinsic value of your home or business.  From initial custom design to changing arrangements seasonally, Divine Containers guarantees your satisfaction.  

We can create a stunning, unique bouquet for your next special occasion.

Available in small, medium or large arrangements. Let the green thumb designers create a bouquet that is not only unique but will stop you in your tracks with its creativity.  We deliver the finest flowers straight to your door.  We carry a variety of insanely gorgeous blooms and we’ll pick our favorites for you!  You pick the size: small $55, medium $75, or large $100. Color preferences can be made and we will try our best to honor them. Delivery fees vary and up to $15. Thanks for supporting your local small business container gardening company.

Floral Arrangements Design Services

"Divine Containers, I love your work!  They are dependable and excellent.  Happy to be one of your customers.  Much thanks and blessings."     ~Wendy Hultine  -Excelsior, MN

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"Divine Containers was able to accommodate a small budget one year and a bigger one another year.  In either case, I was so very pleased with what they did, it looked fabulous.  Both years, I received so many compliments!"

~Nicole Ward  -Victoria, MN  

Design:  We create custom container gardens to showcase your outdoor style.  We consider your specific outdoor

locations - sun loving or shade environments.

Install:  We replenish existing containers with selected flowers and all necessary materials to plant on site.  Organic soil, slow release fertilizer, and premium products are used on each install.

Maintenance:  Continual maintenance services are also available.  We offer regular irrigation, fertilizing, and pruning to maximize seasonal growth.

Divine Containers is proud to offer a wide array of on-site design services, including:

  • Window Boxes
  • Containers
  • House Hangers
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Garland
  • Wreaths